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United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal
Favourite photographer: Werol, Onixa
Favourite style of art: Abstract
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Favourite cartoon character: Sesshomaru
Personal Quote: Don't waste your time or time will waste you.
  • Listening to: Silent Rage by Russell - Allen

----What do you think of Death?
[[I believe death is our involuntary way of repaying the Earth for giving us an opportunity to see the beauty of nature.]]
----Can you compare Death to anything?
[[Death is simply that beautiful Magnolia tree in your backyard, or the new house down the block, or the graceful herd of horses galloping in the field.]]
----Can you compare Life to anything?
[[Life is the way of balancing Death.]]
----Say something about the comparison on life and death.
[['Life and Death' will always go full circle; one brings the other.]]
----Is death like light or darkness?
[[Death is light and dark; sacrificing your life for something more precious, or more evil.]]
----Is life a dream?
[[It could be. Something so complex could never be answered.]]


----What are You?
[[I am my Mother and my Father, their parents and their parents, fruits and vegetables, organisms who sacrificed themselves for my fruits and vegetables, and any other organisms who gave a part in my pedigree of family and energy.]]
----Are we just chemicals?
[[I believe we are mostly chemicals, but our chemicals allow us to have a soul, a personality, the ability to love, and pass on our lives to something in the future.]]
----How big are humans in the universe?
[[We will never know how big the universe is, but the larger it may be, the larger humans become. Nothing else could ever exist without what we have to offer.]]
----Do you think humans can ever understand everything?
[[Only if we were meant to.]]
----Do you think anything can ever understand everything?
[[No, because there is never nothing going on.]]
----Who created us?
[[A long line of chemical reactions and nutrients.]]
----Who created them?
[[A long line of chemical reactions and nutrients.]]


----Is there a God?
[[Our only true God is the Sun.]]
----Is he a actual being?
----Is there a heaven?
[[Our heaven is right here on Earth. When we die, we may be reborn as something so special like a newborn fawn, or the missing link to an endangered species.]]
----Is there a hell?
[[No. I believe anything we are reborn as can not be evil; even a murderer is helping the Earth by bringing back life.]]


----Does space go on forever?
[[I believe Space is as circular as the Earth, and, therefore, goes on forever, even if not in a unique fashion.]]
----Alien life?
[[Is there a such thing as 'alien' life? Are we not alien life? Or the grass we walk on? What is normal life?]]
---What is the hardest thing to imagine?
[[The cycle of life and death falling apart.]]
---What is the hardest thing to believe?
[[The nutrients that make up my body may have once been the nutrients to make up a species we have never seen or heard of before.]]
----How insignificant are you?
[[Not. As much as you want to believe you mean nothing to anything, you are what keeps the Earth spinning.]]
----Do you think humans should be discoverers or not?
[[It doesn't matter, things will always change and discovery is simply a waste of time.]]
----Are all our thoughts chemical reactions?
[[Yes. A thought can be perfectly regenerated and replicated by activating the correct link of neurons.]]


----Is our life short?
[[Our life never ends. It is constantly 'forwarded' in some other form of life.]]
----What makes you happiest?
[[The beauty of nature.]]
----Should we always try to be happy?
[[Why not? This is our chance to take a breath. One day, your last breath will be someone else's first.]]
----What should we do with our lives?
[[The same thing you've always been doing. The cycle hasn't broken yet, so why try?]]

----How old are you?
[[18, and after I die, my age will never come to an end.]]
----What do most people think is your talent?
[[Showing others the beauty of nature that they never had time to stop and look at.]]

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